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3 Best Restaurants in San Francisco: The New York Times List

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Last month the 2021 Michelin Guide was released, featuring many San Francisco establishments. On Tuesday, The New York Times released its own list of restaurants “The 50 Places in America We’re Most Excited About Right Now.”

Three San Francisco restaurants were chosen. Only one of the three is a repeat of the Michelin listing, and none of the city’s three- and two-star restaurants were included.

So how were they selected? “The Food desk sent critics, reporters and editors across the country to find the 50 most vibrant and delicious restaurants in 2021. They are not ranked, but together they reflect the rich mosaic of cuisine American.”

Here are San Francisco’s picks, along with their reviews:

Mr. Jiu’s San Francisco

Brandon Jew’s glamorous restaurant in a former Chinatown banquet hall started strong five years ago with banquet-inspired dishes, but it’s only gone from strength to strength – the exquisite food and booming dining room are happier and dazzling than ever. Although his new projects have their own delights, like the casual takeaways inspired Mamahuhu (with its Platonic ideal of chicken kung pao), Mister Jiu’s is a destination.

Nari San Francisco

Dining at Nari is family style, so a meal there is more like a happy feast than a delicate tasting menu. And if you always consider gastronomy as a set of small dishes, served one at a time, Pim TechamuanvivitThai restaurant is a stunning revelation, with freshly pounded nam priks and brilliantly nuanced curries inspired by traditional Thai haute cuisine, plus an exciting cocktail and wine list that focuses almost entirely on female producers.

Anchovies Bar San Francisco

Anyone can open a can of caviar and serve it over ice. The real luxury is much further up the food chain – a handful of fresh, shiny anchovies, caught, gutted and brined earlier in the day. The Anchovy Bar, run by Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski of State Bird Provisionsserves up fresh, silvery fillets with toast and garnishes, and treats the glorious West Coast seafood with all the care it deserves, from Hama Hama oysters and Monterey squid to coastal octopus and geoduck Marine.

Other California restaurants that made the list:

  • Mini Kabob, Glendale, CA.
  • n/naka, Los Angeles
  • Pearl River Deli, Los Angeles
  • The Marshall Store, Marshall

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