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Giada De Laurentiis reveals how to “get creative” with leftover pasta

If you’re looking to turn leftover cooked pasta into a delicious new dish, Food Network personality Giada De Laurentiis has more than a few great ideas for breathing new life into that extra bowl of spaghetti.

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De Laurentiis says leftover pasta is a great stepping stone to other meals

In her cookbook Everyday pastathe culinary personality shares some of her secrets for turning leftover pasta from another meal into an irresistible new dish.

“A lot of times you don’t need a whole pound of pasta to serve your family or guests, but who wants to end up with half-filled boxes of pasta in their pantry?” she asks. . “Next time, cook the whole package, use what you need for the meal, and get creative with the leftovers.”

From eggs to salads to soups, Simply Giada star proves that with a little imagination, there’s no end to what can be done with extra noodles, and suggests ideas like:

-Stir cooked pasta into beaten, seasoned eggs to make a hearty frittata

-Prepare a “garnish for soups or salads” by frying angel hair

-Toss the cooked pasta with a vinaigrette and salad leaves

-Mix pasta with soups “to make them more substantial and satisfying”

– Sauté the pasta with garlic and butter or oil and you get an aromatic and delicious “accompaniment to grilled meats or fish”.

The chef’s pasta pizza

As the Cordon Bleu-trained chef wrote on her lifestyle and cooking blog Giadzy about her humble but hearty dish, “This recipe was a staple in my childhood, and my mother always loved it. leftover spaghetti is now a staple of mine for Jade, and a perfect dish to make when you have random odds and ends in the fridge: frozen veggies, greens, leftover roasted vegetables and beyond that a great addition.”

The remaining cooked spaghetti is combined with eggs, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, diced salami or ham, cooked edamame, peas or broccoli, olive oil and red chili crushed. Once well mixed, the mixture is placed in a pan and flattened. De Laurentiis recommends letting it cook for about five minutes or until it’s golden on the bottom and comes off easily.

She carefully slides the pasta pizza onto a tray and puts the uncooked side back in the hot pan until it’s done.

Get the full recipe and reviews on the Food Network website.

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Critics loved De Laurentiis’ clever use of leftover spaghetti

The chef’s spaghetti pie was a hit with his own family and many home cooks, as noted by Food Network reviewers.

“The leftover spaghetti has never tasted so good!! Simple, easy to prepare and tastes great,” one person wrote.

Another home cook added, “It was a great way to use up leftover spaghetti. It is really important to leave it in the pan for the indicated time. Turning it too soon does not work!

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