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How San Francisco restaurants are handling the statewide reopening on June 15

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — This is the last weekend before the state of California reopens when pandemic orders and restrictions are lifted.

Governor Newsom has scheduled the opening for Tuesday, June 15. However, the state is still under a state of emergency, which gives it the power to issue new executive orders if COVID-19 issues arise.

Removing state restrictions doesn’t mean it will be like before the pandemic, either. Instead, it will be a “new normal” during which individual businesses will have the freedom to maintain or remove specific restrictions, or change how they are enforced.

“It’s going to be a time of tolerance and trust,” Laurie Smith of the Golden Gate Restaurants Association told KRON4.

She said she conducted an informal survey of longtime restaurant owners in San Francisco, and said most would likely post signs that anyone who doesn’t wear a mask in their business certifies that they is fully vaccinated.

Anyone who admits they are not fully vaccinated will have to put one on.

A client is not fully vaccinated until two weeks have passed since their last dose of COVID-19 vaccine. For Pfizer and Moderna, it’s after the second dose. For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, this is two weeks after the single dose.

San Francisco has reached 80% of eligible residents fully immunized, but Smith said it’s not as important to highlight when considering tourism from out of state and even out of the country.

“Every business has the right to follow stricter guidelines, some businesses may choose to request proof of vaccination or a negative test – that’s their right,” Smith said. “We just ask everyone to find their comfort level and be patient.”

She also recommends visitors with questions call the restaurant ahead of time and understand what they’ll be getting into.