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How to Support San Francisco Restaurants During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Courtesy of Che Fico

In order to keep people safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants across the country have been forced to close. Many have done so entirely, but some have opted to continue offering delivery and/or takeout in an effort to keep staff employed and stay afloat during these trying times. Yet selling meals for people to eat at home isn’t enough for restaurants to make the money they need to survive, and beyond that: many of them have had to lay off staff who live payroll to payroll and are suddenly lost. to know where to turn next. Unfortunately, the restaurant industry is going to emerge from this period of sheltering in place very differently than it was just a few weeks ago, and it needs everyone who can afford it. to do all they can.

Don’t know how to help? Here are some things everyone can do to help during these times:

Want to do something even more? These local places all go the extra mile to help those in need, whether it’s their employees, healthcare workers, or those who need a comforting meal but can’t afford it. currently allow. Read on to see how you can help.

Horn BBQ
Horn BBQ

Chef and Pitmaster Matt Horn is eager to open his permanent location of Horn Barbecue in West Oakland, but until that happens, he’s serving free food, like pulled pork and grilled chicken, to provide relief. welcome to those in need of a satisfying meal. Assuming Horn Barbecue gets the funding it needs, curbside food pickup happens every other day, so be sure to donate! If you’re in need of some mouth-watering comfort food, check out the Facebook page for information on when the next community barbecue will be.

bacon bacon
bacon bacon

This Ashbury Heights spot has gotten us through many tough days, and we can only imagine how satisfying one of the delicious sandwiches or burritos will be for one of the doctors, nurses, or support staff. from UCSF Hospital or Kaiser. Like so many restaurants, Bacon Bacon is struggling right now due to a lack of business, so it’s a great way to help keep the restaurant afloat and give back to the people on the front lines. (Don’t worry about pick-up or drop-off times when you place your order; everything will be handled by Bacon Bacon staff.) And because you could probably use a pickup, too, Bacon Bacon offers delivery and pickup. open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday to Sunday.

Buy a family meal at Che Fico Alimentari for people in need

The very hard to reach in normal times, Che Fico Alimentari is offering up to 200 dinners each night for those in need during this pandemic, as well as $50 family meals to pick up for those who can afford it. We thought about it and decided that the best way to go is to buy one for you and one for them. Or, if you can afford it, one for you and two for them! Each meal feeds two to three people and consists of dishes like homemade bread, salad and mushroom stew or pork loin. Che Fico also sells wine, which is very important to mention at this time.


Support La Cocina restaurants

When it comes to the restaurant industry, La Cocina is one of the Bay Area’s most prominent nonprofits, helping low-income entrepreneurs, especially women from rural communities. immigrants, to develop their restaurant and food businesses. Many of these businesses have been hit hard by the coronavirus, but there are a few easy ways to help support the community. The easiest way is to order food, a gift card, or contribute to a GoFundMe from any or all of the businesses that offer them. The next way is to donate to the La Cocina Emergency Relief Fund, which provides emergency financial assistance to active and eligible La Cocina participants for personal, family, living and business expenses. La Cocina launched the first $100 grand and to date has raised over $200,000. Finally, La Cocina has a food box that will give you a week’s worth of food from some of its talented chefs, and 100% of the sales go back to the businesses. (A large box serves four people for a week and costs $150 and a small box serves two people for a week and costs $80.) Just be sure to check the menu every Saturday as the boxes sell out quickly.

the porch
the porch

We can’t imagine anything worse than never eating The Front Porch’s fried chicken again, which is why we’re salivating over the fact that there are two ways to make sure that doesn’t happen. First: you can order most of the take-out or delivery menu from the website (meaning an outside service won’t take a significant chunk of the profit). If for some reason you don’t fancy a bucket of chicken and a side of cookies right now (we can discuss that later), you can purchase a gift certificate. You’ll get 10% off your bill when you can redeem it internally, and if you buy one for $100 or more, you’ll get a free bottle of hot sauce. Want to help the staff who have been affected by the closure of sister spot the Rock Bar? Donate to GoFundMe; It will be much appreciated.

Gott's Roadside
Courtesy of Gott’s Roadside

Okay, the bad news first: Gott’s Roadside location in the Ferry Building isn’t open right now, but now for the good news: Gott’s donates 100% of its sales – whether it’s food, gift cards, merchandise or beer – directly to its employees. So even if you live in SF you might not be able to sink your teeth into one of these double cheeseburgers right now, you can buy a gift card that will support the staff and dream of a day ( in the hopefully not-so-distant future) when you can order that burger and a side of chili cheese fries and a chocolate shake and and and and. For those near the other locations (Napa, St. Helena, Marin, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto), you’re in luck because most spots do delivery AND pickup, so you don’t have to wait a minute more to feel good about eating a burger and fries. Not that you ever should, but…

It’s not the best time to open a reboot of a beloved San Francisco restaurant, but the team behind the revamped Tosca didn’t want to postpone it any longer than necessary. Help them stay afloat by purchasing a family dinner of comfort food that will be even more delicious knowing that 100% of the proceeds will go to the staff so the restaurant can actually reopen for table and bar service when the time comes.

Okay, so you won’t be able to eat unlimited slices of meat cut up next to the table until things get back to normal, you can still get an indulgent menu to pick up at the curb or at deliver and 10% of your order will go to No Kid Hunger to help end child hunger, a program more important than ever.

Mixed salad

If there’s one thing we all need right now, it’s healthy greens, but you know who probably needs them more than you? One of the heroic healthcare workers going above and beyond during this time and/or someone in need. You can support MIXT by ordering a salad for yourself to deliver or take out, but you can support these other people by adding “Help feed someone a healthy meal” ($15) or “Help feed 3 Frontline Health” ($45). You don’t even have to order for yourself for that to happen (though again: you probably need to eat some fresh veggies right now, so maybe add something for yourself too) .

These two iconic waterfront restaurants along the Embarcadero are currently closed, but you can help unemployed employees by purchasing a gift card. By the end of April, 50% of all gift card proceeds will go to an employee relief fund to be distributed to more than 200 furloughed employees who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michael Mina may have been forced to temporarily close all of his popular SF restaurants, but you can still enjoy a globally-inspired comforting meal prepared by some of MINA Group’s top chefs. And every time you buy a Family Meal, you’re directly helping employees who have been laid off and can eat their own Family Meal. Do you work in the bar or restaurant industry? Call your order over the phone and get 20% off. Want to give back even more? Contribute to the GoFundMe relief fund for MINA Restaurant Group team members.

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