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New ‘Cook ICT’ cookbook reveals recipes from local restaurants


The new cookbook “Cook ICT” by photographer and local foodie Jenny Myers is now being sold at local restaurants and includes recipes from those restaurants.

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Even if they don’t cook, Wichita foodies will want Jenny Myers again “ICT Cook” cookbook for photos.

Myers, a Wichita portrait photographerjust released his new book, and it features great photos of some of Wichita’s best-known local chefs at work: Bobby Lane of Chester’s Chophouse, David Kanai of Kanai Sushi, Kelly Rae Leffel of Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, Travis Russell of Public at the Brickyard to name a few.

Each of the chefs shared a recipe for the glossy book – either a favorite from their restaurant’s menu or a personal recipe from their personal collection. The $24 color book is now on sale at the restaurants of many of the chefs featured in the book.

“I wanted to showcase local chefs and give them a spotlight,” Myers said.

Myers, a foodie herself, says she has dinner with her husband, Matt, every weekend. She came to admire several Wichita chefs and the talent it takes to make such great dishes.

While on a trip to Kansas City, she noticed a magazine featuring local chefs on a shelf outside a restaurant, and she was struck with inspiration.

“I thought, ‘Wichita has such good food. Why can’t we have that? “, Did she say.

Myers researched online reviews of restaurants in Wichita to determine which were the most popular and beloved. Most of the chefs she approached were happy to participate, she said, and they provided their recipes and their time for free.

Some of the more than 50 recipes she landed for the cookbook include Jason Febres’ Cute Dates at Taste & See; crab cakes from Brad Steven at The Hill; Bolognese from Ty Issa at the Eurobistro in Ya Ya; slow-braised barbacoa from Michael Farha at District Taqueria; tandoori chicken from Syed Jillani at Kababs; and Guinness stout cake from Beth Tully in Cocoa Dolce.

Other restaurants featured in the book include: Bella Vita Bistro, Doo-Dah Diner, Bade Truck, College Hill Deli, Hot Stone Korean Grill, When Pigs Fly, Zaytun, Pho Special, Reverie Coffee Roasters, The Monarch, La Galette, Molino’s , Bocco Deli and more.

The photos of the chefs are jaw-dropping, but Myers’ photos of their culinary creations are just as pretty. Readers will be salivating over color photos of Havarti nachos from Bella Vita Bistro and bright yellow cheesy potato soup from Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

Those who want a copy of the book can find it at these restaurants: The Candle Club, Doo-Dah Diner, Cocoa Dolce, Chester’s Chophouse, Kanai, Beautiful Day Cafe, Delano BBQ, Hot Stone Korean Grill, and The Monarch.

They can also order them from the Myers website,