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San Francisco restaurants should need boosters

2021 felt, more than anything else, like a year spent oscillating between extremes. The last twelve months have occupied a kind of pandemic purgatory – the light at the end of the tunnel is not quite out of sight, but teases us all by twinkling as vaccination rates increase – and the arrival of the Omicron variant only prolonged this limbo.

If we want to update some pontificalaments that cite the pandemic will end in 2022, we must operate with caution and responsibility, our collective foresight rooted in science. But don’t be afraid, notice; it will only set us back further than necessary.

It also includes holding people accountable for receiving applicable booster shots to participate in society at large. Two San Francisco restaurants, Cassava and Zuni, recently announced that they will now require proof of a booster injection for restaurant customers starting tomorrow, December 29, highlighting this social responsibility.

“Beginning Wednesday, December 29, all customers dining inside Zuni Café will be required to provide proof of a COVID-19 recall, given that they are eligible as defined by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. “, reads an Instagram post from the restaurant. “Those who are not yet eligible for a booster should submit their documentation for the vaccine they received.”

The restaurant’s message went on to add that it remains “disinterested in invading your medical records and we have a strong desire to protect the guests and employees of Zuni Cafe”, before adding that diners without proof of vaccination are welcome as guests. at the outside tables.

Yuka Ioroi, the owner of Cassava, announced that she would also require customers inside to show proof of receipt of a Covid-19 reminder. The decision to do so, in accordance with the San Francisco Chronicle, was decided both to protect the health of its employees and to keep the restaurant afloat, while protecting diners inside from Covid-19.

Last week, the owner of Oakland’s Palmetto and Kon-Tiki bars also announced that seating at both companies’ bars would be reserved for customers who show proof of boosters starting Monday – a trend that is not expected to grow only in the Bay Area as an Omicron variant. continues to surge.