Restaurant recipes

Tasty recipes from Amsterdam restaurants compiled in new cookbook

A new cookbook featuring 35 different restaurants in the Dutch capital is available for purchase just in time for Sinterklaas. The Amsterdam Cook Book compiles recipes from some local favorites and well-known chains in the Netherlands.

The stories of the founding chefs and restaurateurs play a prominent role in the book, as do the neighborhoods that house some of these gems.

“I’ve spent the past few years building my career in this great city, so it’s an honor to be in the same book with so many highly respected people.
chefs and restaurants,” said Justin Brown. Brown opened The Chippy just over a year ago, and the book features his popular fish & chip recipe. He also details his pork belly bao bun from his trendy pop-up Bao Buns Amsterdam.

“Amsterdam continues to feel like a new place to me; it’s cozy – more like a cosmopolitan village with its little streets and shops, and that’s what captured my imagination,” said the TV chef and owner of restaurant Alain Caron. “I hope this appetizing book will also capture your imagination!”

He wrote the preface to the book, and provided the recipe for snails with monkfish beignets from Café Caron.

Other restaurants featured include Blauw, The Butcher Social Club and The Harbor Club. The Instock zero food waste concept is also streamlined, with interesting leftover-based bubbles and squeak.

The Amsterdam Cook Book is available for €19.95 in featured bookstores and restaurants. It can also be purchased from the Amazon UK site.