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Why You Never See Bobby Flay With Guy Fieri, According to Reddit

When Reddit user u/Girafarigno asked r/foodnetwork, “Don’t Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri like each other?” citing that they’ve both been the Food Network’s two most prominent chefs for about 15 years, but never seem to talk about each other, possible explanations have poured in. The most popular comment proposed that Flay once said that Fieri “wasn’t even the best chef of his Food Network Star season”, but won because he’s extremely entertaining. They went on to explain that it was not an insult and that not everyone can be an iron chef. Redditor u/GmaninMS said Sunny Anderson thought they didn’t share the stage because they were both “alphas.” One user postulated that “Guy is the ‘west coast’ crew, Flay is the ‘east coast’ crew”, while another said: “They just have different styles, Guy Fieri is more of a pompous presenter.” One or more of these explanations seem plausible.

one thing both Food Network personalities have in common is that they both appear in a list of celebrity chefs who are jerks in real life. Interesting. Maybe it’s about time the public got to see these two famous, but apparently not-so-nice Food Networks stars together. Either sparks will fly, or they will get along wonderfully. It’s a bet that food lovers everywhere would probably like to make.