San francisco restaurants

These are the notable restaurants in San Francisco that closed permanently in December

In early December, a survey released by the National Restaurant Association found that more than 110,000 restaurants had permanently closed across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. This month, with indoor and outdoor dining bans across California, that number has surely only increased. We know for a fact that in the Bay Area, we’ve lost […]

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5 Best Home Cooking Chefs in the United States

Home cooking is the staple of every home in the United States, and people around the world enjoy home cooking. Home cooking can bring back memories of childhood and family, and some recipes just can’t be replicated the way your parents did. There are many renowned chefs in the world, but they often create amazing […]

San francisco restaurants

These were San Francisco’s finest takeout restaurants served in 2020

This time last year, Eater SF reminisced about the most amazing new restaurants to open in 2019. We were amazed at multi-level food emporiums, glittering chocolate shops, and moon lounges. Well, true to 2020, it looks a little different this year. Now we just hope the restaurants can get through the winter, so we can […]

San francisco restaurants

San Francisco restaurants hope holiday meal kits will help them stay afloat amid COVID-19 pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Holiday meal kits are the new business strategy many restaurateurs are implementing this Christmas season in hopes of surviving. It’s five days away from Christmas and what’s cooking in this kitchen is a holiday present. A short rib kit for two at $110. “It’s braised bones – short ribs, Golai Hagon […]

San francisco restaurants

Restaurants and bars in San Francisco are preparing for a possible return to takeout only

Editor’s note, Dec. 4, 2020, 3:20 p.m.: Officials from five Bay Area counties and the city of Berkeley made the decision on Friday to enact the stay-at-home order beginning Dec. 6. . All of the interviews for this article took place prior to the announcement and were written speculating on when the order would occur. […]

San francisco restaurants

More San Francisco restaurants are mulling a drastic step this winter: closing for ‘hibernation’

It may soon be hibernation season for San Francisco restaurants. With indoor dining once again banned and winter weather cutting into outdoor dining revenue, a growing number of restaurants in the city are, for the first time, considering the more drastic step of possibly closing for the next few months. Others are thinking about closing […]

San francisco restaurants

San Francisco restaurant group could sue city if it bans outdoor dining

Will new COVID restrictions be the last straw for some restaurants in San Francisco? With the threat of restricting outdoor dining, some San Francisco restaurateurs fear it could spell the end for their business. SAN FRANCISCO – California could face another statewide shutdown this week. Some restaurants say that if outdoor dining is no longer […]

San francisco restaurants

More and more restaurants in San Francisco are considering a drastic step this winter: closing for “hibernation”

It could soon be hibernation season for restaurants in San Francisco. With indoor dining once again banned and wintry weather reducing income from outdoor dining, a growing number of restaurants in the city are considering, for the first time, the more drastic step of possible closure for the coming months. Others are considering closing for […]

San francisco restaurants

San Francisco restaurants prepare for more restrictions

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — City of San Francisco officials are hinting at more possible rollback announcements in the coming days as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continue to rise. Although outdoor dining is still permitted under the state’s current purple level guidelines, many restaurants are preparing for the possibility of suspending outdoor dining. There’s no […]