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5 Solid San Francisco Restaurants to Take Parents Out of Town

It’s that time of year again; relatives, aunts and distant cousins ​​flock to town to celebrate Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then winter vacation and New Years. They look up to you, the mighty local. Having lived in the city long enough, you are now their unofficial tour guide, a beacon of hope and familiarity in a city where, if they turn the wrong corner, the quaint can quickly be replaced with a dose of real toughness. .

Relatives will want you to take them out to eat. “Somewhere interesting” they will say, but think about it with caution; what they really want is a delightful evening to remember San Francisco. Where to take them? Certainly not at your favorite spot or the super dark, super loud bar that also serves a killer burger. What you need is an enjoyable and friendly dining experience suitable for a variety of target audiences. We had 5.

Brunch at the Riddler

With parents and aging parents, going out and drink options need to be creatively changed. How about a brunch in a champagne bar, in broad daylight but still full of bubbles to share? The Riddler, Hayes Valley’s champagne gem, makes that possible with its new “brunch-ish” menu, which includes seasonal fruit salad, a choice of chia pudding with earl gray or a bowl of cereal. tasty, and a selection of pastries from Jane Pâtisserie. All the elegance of a bar, minus the late hours, and a very affordable price of $24 to pay for an adult date with mom.

528 Laguna Street

Tasting menu at Aina

Which restaurants do parents like the most? That’s right, those with good lighting and conversational acoustics. Aina, the new Hawaiian paradise nestled in the Dogpatch, has both, plus culinary excitement to spare. To make things even more exciting, treat your friends to the restaurant’s new tasting menu, available at the chef’s counter. For $60 per person, six beautiful dishes will dazzle and delight, from very untraditional poke to perfectly roasted pork belly, evoking all the best memories of family vacations in Hawaii.

900 22nd Street

Lunch at One Market

The Embarcadero area, which you to know most visitors would like to see, is not abundant with good dining options. However, enter One Market, to find a solid choice with even more solid views. While the restaurant itself celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, chef Mark Dommen keeps things fresh with light dishes like chickpea fries with harissa, but also offers popular entrees like wild Gulf shrimp “Louis ” with avocado and quail egg. The $25 lunch menu will keep the bill in check.

Throughout November, One Market will also be offering a special dessert that you can enjoy on the spot or take home for the holidays. This freshly baked star-shaped gingerbread cake is served with cream cheese frosting, graham cracker streusel and caramel sauce. It’s decadent but a little less guilt-inducing since it’s for a good cause since 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the dessert benefit the Greater Bay Area Make-a-Wish Foundation.

1 market street

Dinner at the Gibson

Once in a while, it’s nice to take strangers to a place you’ve never been; discovering things together can be the bonding material your long-distance relationship needs. Gibson, Hotel Bijou’s impressive new restaurant, is a good candidate for such an occasion, offering plush interiors and open-fire cooking that everyone can enjoy. Chef Robin Song (Hog & Rocks) is behind dishes like broiled trout on the bone with roasted fennel and smoked Sonoma duck on the grill. Creative cocktails will open the door to the juiciest family gossip.

111 Mason Street

Counter-jump at China Live

The attraction of Chinatown is beyond doubt in the eyes of the tourist. After sampling a few local bakeries and restaurants, show your guests a different side to the region by taking them to China Live, where they can happily try different dumplings, sip a variety of soups, taste oolong teas and shop for souvenirs at bring back home. For a truly elevated experience (and if a special occasion arises), opt for Eight Tables, the upstairs dining experience like no other.

644 Broadway St.