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Boulder chef Andrea Uzarowski expects busy fall with Food Network feature and bakery opening

When the Food Network first contacted Boulder chef Andrea Uzarowski about cooking on her show Supermarket Stakeout, she couldn’t believe it.

Boulder chef Andrea Uzarowski will appear on an episode of Tuesday’s “Supermarket Stakeout” on the Food Network. (Gretchen TeBockhorst/Courtesy photo)

“At first I thought it was a hoax,” Uzarowski said. Eventually, she was interviewed and selected to compete against other chefs in the kitchen with bartered ingredients from customers outside a supermarket.

Uzarowski, who runs the Fresh Food Catering Co. and will open the Scandinavian shop and cafe Süti + Co. just off Pearl Street this fall, said appearing on the Food Network show was one of the toughest — and most exciting — experiences of his career as a chef.

“You have four or five cameras pointed at you at all times. I just think I can’t cut my hand off because it will be on national television,” she said. “It was the hardest experience as a chef I’ve ever been involved in, but also one of the most rewarding because I realized I could rise to the occasion.”

Uzarowski and his co-contestants had 45 minutes to chat with shoppers coming out of a grocery store for their bags, then cook a dish to a set theme. “Supermarket Stakeout” airs on Tuesday, where viewers can watch Uzarowski attempt to stay “calm, cool and collected” throughout the challenge.

One of the many confections that will be available at Süti + Co. Scandinavian Shop and Café when it opens in Boulder in September.  (Gretchen TeBockhorst/Courtesy photo)
One of the many sweets that will be available at Süti + Co. Scandinavian Shop and Café when it opens in Boulder in September. (Gretchen TeBockhorst/Courtesy photo)

Now, with the opening of Süti + Co., Uzarowski looks forward to bringing his love of sweets and his experience of Scandinavian cuisine and culture to 2031 16th St. The café will sell Danish shortbread and artisan Scandinavian home-made products. and will feature Scandinavian folk. music.

“I grew up eating something sweet at the end of every meal,” Uzarowski said. “When I was 16, I made two birthday cakes because I couldn’t choose which one I wanted. Danish pastry is that comfort, that contentment, that simple little pleasure that you can have in your life.

George Rennix, COO of Süti + Co., said he had always dreamed of running his own cafe. Now, he hopes to make Süti + Co. a favorite hangout for Boulderers.

“I’m thrilled to open people’s eyes to a culture they may never have known…and to help people understand what makes Danish products Danish and taste that difference,” did he declare.

The opening of Süti +Co. is tentatively set for mid-September.

“Süti will be a little house not only for the recipes I grew up with, but also for the recipes of my grandmother and great-grandmother which are over 100 years old,” Uzarowksi said. “These are the recipes that we will reinvent and manufacture at the store.”