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Chef Michael Symon shares a shirtless selfie on his 53rd birthday

Michael Symon is not afraid to reveal everything for Instagram.

The celebrity chef, restaurateur and Food Network host recently posted what hipsters would call a “thirst trap” on the ‘gram in honor of his 53rd birthday.rd birthday.

In the new photo, Symon took a moment to show off his ink and abs in a self-appreciation post he shared on Oct. 10.

The image showed a shirtless Symon – with only his neck to his waist in sight – flexing his muscles alongside an authentic note filled with an important message of self-confidence and pride.

“I wasn’t going to post because honestly it would give my friends a lot of shit if they posted this…but damn…” he joked in the caption.

“[I] I worked my ass off for [the] 18 months to get back in shape for my 53rd birthday…and I’m proud that I was able to get back in shape,” admitted the celebrity chef.

Symon continued: “I’ve lost about 12 pounds.. got some of my muscle back.. and I’m ready for the next 53 years.. (gotta be like pap).. age is a number nothing more .. keep moving .. peace MS [Michael Symon].”

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Symon, whose real birthday is September 19, received no criticism from friends in the comments. Instead, a whole host of super happy fans supported the chef and helped celebrate his dedication.

Famous Foodie Companion André Zimmern wrote: “Now that’s the right use of a flex. INSPIRE and MOTIVATE others…love you mate…”

Chief Justin Sutherland also chimed in, writing, “Get that job Chef 💪🏾.”

If you want to know more about Chief Symon, be sure to tune in to Symon’s dinners Saturdays at 12 p.m. ET. on Food Network or streaming on Discovery+. Symon is also working on a cookbook called Simply Symon Dinners, which is due out next fall.

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