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Food Network presents Kwanzaa with a new series premiering December 26

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As someone who spends a lot of time watching Food Network, especially during the holidays when I’m looking for new recipes, I can tell you that it’s not the most diverse channel when it comes to black food. Yes, there are entertaining personalities like Kardea BrownEddie Jackson, Eric Adjepong and Carla Room, but there is always more room for expansion. However, it looks like the Food Network heard my complaints, as they announced the premiere of the new holiday series. The Kwanzaa menu.

According to a press release provided to The rootStarting Monday, December 26 on, food history consultant Tonya Hopkins will host the new show where she and special guests will “commemorate each day of Kwanzaa by cooking meaningful dishes and discussing Nguzu Saba, the Seven Principles and of the history of the holidays.”

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If we’re being honest, many of us still don’t know the true meaning of Kwanzaa, so using food to expand the reach and understanding of this black celebration is a great idea. The series also allows people from other races and cultures to learn more about our traditions, which helps them develop a deeper sense of acceptance of our beliefs.

“Celebrating Kwanzaa through good food and drink allows us not only to reconnect with the vibrancy of our culinary history which greatly informs who we are as Black people, our very identities – but also to be proud of what has so deeply shaped American eating habits at large, for centuries,” Hopkins said in a statement. “I intentionally chose fresh, naturally delicious and nutritious ingredients for each of the recipes to remind us of the culinary brilliance that our ancestors brought to this New World and served in a way that has long contributed to the vitality and longevity, life expectancy.”

Among the special guests, Hopkins will cook with her sister, cultural strategist Kenya Parham; actor Kareem Grimes (all american); Tonya’s father, president of California State University, Dominguez Hills, Dr. Thomas A. Parham; actor Taja V. Simpson (The Oval by Tyler Perry); social justice advocate and spiritualist Blue Telusma; and chef Brittney “Stikxz” Williams.

The Kwanzaa menu features some extremely interesting recipes, including Black-Eyed Pea Fritters with a savory smoked sesame sauce and Kwanzaa Mimosa hibiscus mulled wine, which I’ll be taking notes on.

“My and Tonya’s life’s work is to do everything ‘for the culture!’ This project was a deeply personal labor of love – love for our people, love for ourselves and love for the principles that anchor our lives,” said Kenya Parham. Variety. “Collaborating on this production with my brilliant sister, our family, an all-star (mostly black) team led by Best Wishes Studio and Food Network is the kind of kismet synergy dreams are made of! We know we have created a cultural gem with The Kwanzaa menu and we are extremely thrilled that the world will receive it and celebrate it with us! »

The Kwanzaa menu premieres Monday, December 26 on Food This year, Kwanzaa takes place from December 26 to January 1.

Full Series Menu:

  • “Umoja” (Unity): Incredible mulled wine with hibiscus Kwanzaa Mimosa

  • “Kujichagulia” (self-determination): Crispy Akara (black-eyed pea fritters) with a savory smoked sesame sauce

  • “Ujima” (Collective Work and Responsibility): Good Green Actions

  • “Ujamaa” (cooperative economy): Calas of black sand rice

  • “Nia” (goal): First Fruit Harvest Smoothie Bowl

  • “Kuumba” (creativity): grills inspired by Yassa

  • “Imani” (faith): cassava and peanut stew

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