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Guy Fieri Reveals Horrible News About His Iconic Flame Shirt

Guy Feri has achieved an undeniably unique status in the landscape of pop culture, with the chef, television host, actor, and humanitarian boasting a legion of fans. Over the years, one of the most prominent pieces of Fieri’s iconography has been his flame-covered black and red bowling shirt, which has become a bit of a shortcut for its aesthetics. While the flame shirt spawned countless trendscosplays, Halloween costumes, and even official merchandiseFieri has an unexpected true story surrounding the shirt’s existence. In a recent interview with InitiatedFieri revealed he only wore the flame shirt publicly once, when he opened a barbecue restaurant – and he didn’t even know where it was anymore.

“It was a day! Proud revealed. “I don’t even have it. I don’t even know where it is. And the thing is, people find them, somebody’s making a lot of money selling flame shirts. But people don’t care.”

“The fact that people like it, I like it,” Fieri continued. “As long as I put a smile on someone’s face, as long as it gives off positive energy, that’s great for me.”

In addition to hosting shows like Diners, drive-ins and dives and Guy’s Grocery GamesFieri has gone on to dominate the pop culture landscape and the hearts of manyEither by donate to charity, make its restaurants’ signature dishes open to a wider audience, or just share great memes. Reports also said last year that Fieri was becoming “the highest-paid chef in cable television,” with a contract extension with Food Network that reportedly gave him a $50 million raise.

“Nothing can replace what that kind of recognition, appearing on television, can do for these people and their businesses…for their lives,” Fieri told The Hollywood Reporter last year. “I have to keep doing this because it just needs to be done.”

What is Guy Fieri’s new show?

Earlier this year, Fieri launched two new Food Network showsGuy’s American Road Trip and Guy’s ultimate game night.

“Guy takes audiences on the ultimate summer adventure on Guy’s American Road Trip, giving them a personal insight into her amazing family vacation. And with Guy behind the wheel, audiences know they can expect a crazy, fun ride filled with extravagant camp meals and crazy competitions,” said Jane Latman, President, Home & Food Content and Streaming, Warner Bros. . Discovery when All-American Road Trip was announced.

“I’m excited to hit the road with my friends and family on an unforgettable journey where we’ll experience all the flavors, people and places that make the West Coast so special,” Fieri said. “And of course I throw in a little competition to keep them all on their toes!”

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