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Guy Fieri wants to host ‘SNL’ to ‘criticize’ Bobby Moynihan impersonation

American restaurateur and television personality Guy Fieri highly respect Saturday Night Live. He didn’t get a chance to perform on the late-night sketch show himself, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t there in spirit. Previous Saturday Night Live cast member Bobby Moynihan mocked to Fieri, who caused a lot of laughs. Now the Food Network personality wants to host the show to criticize the comedian.

‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member Bobby Moynihan impersonated Guy Fieri

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Moynihan first joined the Saturday Night Live cast in 2008, where he remained until 2017. He played a variety of recurring characters on the show, including Mark Payne, a bartender at Uno’s pizzeria. Moynihan also played Anthony Crispino, Weekend Update’s second-hand reporter.

However, the comedian could do more than quirky characters, as he’s also done plenty of impressions over the years. Some of them include Chaz Bono, Susan Boyle, Chris Christie and Danny DeVito. Moynihan also brought a hilarious impression of Fieri to Saturday Night Live who went so far as to reach the Mayor of Flavor Town himself.

Guy Fieri Wants To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ To Criticize Bobby Moynihan’s Impression

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CNN Who is talking to Chris Wallace? brought Fieri as a guest, where they talked about Saturday Night Live. In particular, they talked about Imitation of Moynihan of him, which originally went viral on the internet beyond the show itself. However, Fieri was not offended by this. Instead, he wanted to join the show as a host, where they could get Moynihan to look like he would be criticizing on air.

“I love Bobby,” Fieri said. “I think Bobby is hysterical. In fact, the first time, and the only time, I managed to Saturday Night Live was actually the first night he played. I met him at the closing party later that night. And I had no idea this conversation would turn into this. The greatest form of flattery is, I mean, being parodied on Saturday Night Live I think that’s great.

Fieri continued, “Bobby and I are friends and I’ve been on his podcast. In fact, Bobby is at the start of Guy’s Ultimate Game Night. You will see a fantastic show with him there. And I laugh. I always look forward to it. One of these days I’m gonna host SNL. Then when I do, I want Bobby to do me, and then criticize how he makes me criticize him. It would be funny.

Wallace agreed with him and said it was probably something that could happen.

He signed a 3-year contract with Food Network

Fieri is more than comfortable on TV, so Saturday Night Live would be right in her wheelhouse. However, he’s certainly been busy with his restaurants and Food Network appearances, especially since signing a three-year contract with the network in 2021.

Since his victory the second season of The Next Food Network StarFieri hit hard with Dinners, drive-ins and dives, which continues to be a phenomenon. He also had success with Guy’s Grocery Gameswhich also acts as a major production for the network.

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