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How This Denver Chef Merged His Love of Cooking and Cannabis

Originally from South Florida, Chef Jarod “Roilty” Farina, moved to Mile High City to cultivate his growing fame as a foodie mastermind who tweaks his dishes with cannabis. From creating homemade edibles for friends to owning his own private chef service, Chef Farina has become the model for this cultivation technique. His extensive portfolio of awards, culinary training, stardom on national television, and talent in the kitchen have certainly earned him the recognition he deserves as an artist in cannabis cooking.

Farina’s journey began in 2011 when he entered the Secret Cup competition in Los Angeles — one that highlights the best hash makers and cannabis growers around the world. After winning first place, he was offered a job in our state focused on creating snippets. Although at that time he was more involved in the world of cannabis, about seven years ago Farina and his wife decided to take a cooking class together, which led him to rediscover his love for the kitchen. “It kind of brought me back into the kitchen and let me know there was a lot more to learn. I didn’t think I was going to be a chef until I was actually in my thirties,” he remembered. “I’ve been in the cannabis industry all my life, so it’s something I hold dear. Food has always been another facet of my life. So merging them together made sense in the end. .

After experimenting with micro-dosing and infusing different foods, his friends became the test subjects for what is now a burgeoning business titled Dine with Roilty. “We did a big dinner for our friends on New Years Eve 2015 and did all the infused dishes, all the savory stuff that we hadn’t really done before. It was a big hit – everyone was going crazy about it and that’s what really kicked me in the ass to move on. said Flour.

With this idea growing and his love for cannabis cooking, he started looking for competitions to enter and found High Times Top Cannabis Chef in Las Vegas. “It was a competition where we faced another chef and we cooked live on site. People are there to watch you and it was really fun. I cooked steak frites with a little sauce on them and had a garlic mash. We won that one and that kind of gave us the propellant to go forward,” Farina said. Since that boost, the awards and TV appearances still haven’t stopped. Some of Farina’s major earnings include the honor of Connoisseur Cup 2020 Best Chocolates for Cannabis Edibles, Best Cannabis Cooking Class in Westword’s Best of Denver 2022 and national fame as a finalist on the Chopped 420.

Now Dine with Roilty is her main focus. This company specializes in creating personalized, at-home and private dining experiences for the cannabis community, as well as cannabis cooking classes for all areas of expertise. Choose from a three, five or seven course dinner with Farina for a tableside experience that reigns over the rest. Foodies and cannabis lovers can now unite and indulge under one roof, which is rare in the foodie community. If learning about different infusion techniques to practice on your own food excites you, Dine with Roilty offers online basic and advanced cooking classes with cannabis. With a plethora of menus and methods, each course is a special experience for Farina and her guests. Visit his website to learn more about each adventure it offers.

This chef and his wife constantly travel to indulge in different foods while fostering new techniques and perfecting their craft. By meeting chefs from around the world, Farina has the ability to bring truly authentic cuisine to Colorado cannabis lovers. “There are always really cool elements and new things that a lot of chefs are doing. We’re trying to bring that to the cannabis industry and to different people who maybe don’t travel the world. They can still have those experiences with us,” he said.

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While we recommend booking Farina yourself to meet him in person, he also has some very exciting appearances you shouldn’t miss. Tune into the Food Network on August 4 at 7 p.m. to see Farina take on one of the culinary world’s most well-known individuals on the hit show Beat Bobby Flay. He won’t be cooking with cannabis in this appearance, but his culinary excellence gives him a shot at victory on his own. Dine with Roilty will also be presented at Great Tasting at the Denver Food and Wine Festival coming in September. With her extensive training and broad palate, Farina is someone who deserves global support as this combination of cannabis and cooking grows in popularity.

Dine with Roilty offers private dining experiences ranging from three to seven courses and cannabis cooking classes for different levels of expertise. Visit his website for more information or to book.

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