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How Tia Mowry’s divorce will affect her life and career

Tia and Tamera Mowry were the child stars of the ABC sitcom sister, sister in the 90s. They started the show at 14 and were 18 when it ended. sister, sister was the story of identical twins separated at birth and reunited as teenagers. The girls and their only parent move in together, so that they are no longer separated. The show was a hit on ABC’s TGIF lineup and the young girls became instantly famous. Their younger brother, Tahj Mowry also had the acting bug and played Michelle’s friend Teddy on Full house.

The twins continued acting into adulthood, and remained very close. They are both moms now and cherish their family time together. “Family first 🤍 There’s nothing better than getting together with my sister @tameramowrytwo and watching our kids play together,” Tia recently wrote on Instagram.

Tia Mowry recently announced that she and her husband, Cory Hardrict, are divorcing. Although they say it’s amicable, her life will surely change a bit.

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8/8 Who is Cory Hardrict?

Tia Mowry may be the couple’s best-known name, but Cory Hardrict is an actor in his own right.

He started out in guest roles on many 90s shows, but his first film was Drew Barrymore’s romantic comedy, Never been kissed. He is probably best known for American sniper, and for the netflix film, Brotherly Love.

Hardrict and Mowry met in 1999, on the set of the movie, Hollywood horror.


7/8 Tia Mowry announces divorce from Cory Hardrict

Tia Mowry filed for divorce from Cory Hardrict and announced it on Instagram.

“I have always been honest with my fans, and today is no different. I wanted to share that Cory and I have decided to go our separate ways. These decisions are never easy, and not without sadness. We will maintain a friendship. as we co-parent our beautiful children. I am grateful for all the happy times we have had together and want to thank my friends, family and fans for your love and support as we begin this new chapter that advance in our lives.

Her feed was flooded with fans wishing her luck.

6/8 “New Book” by Tia Mowry

Tia followed up her first post with another, seemingly forward-looking one.

“Each book begins with a dedication page, and this one is dedicated to you: my friends, my family and my community. The outpouring of love I have received from you over the past week has been so encouraging and humiliating. I am very grateful to you all. New book, first chapter to follow.

Tia has a positive attitude and her fans can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

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5/8 What Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict want fans to know

Immediately after the divorce news broke, fans were suspicious of Cory Hardrict, thinking he had done something wrong. Tia Mowry did everything she could to assure people that she was fine and that Cory had done nothing wrong. She wants the world to know that they still love each other.

Cory also makes it clear that there are no hard feelings between them, “I love my beautiful family. I love my kids. I love my wife,” he said.

4/8 Who are Tia Mowry’s children?

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict have two children together – Cree, now 11, and Cairo, now 4.

The couple said they would remain friends and co-parent their children. The divorce filing cited “irreconcilable differences” and Tia requested both joint physical and legal custody of their children. Tia has often said that being a mother to Cris and Cairo was her “greatest achievement”.

Mom is very proud of her son Cree and wrote on his 11th birthday, “Munchkin you are so funny, full of life and love.” In March 2022, the proud mom announced that Cree had been accepted into her “dream school” and how happy she was for him.

Tia calls her daughter Cairo a ‘mini-me’ and posted on her daughter’s fourth birthday: “You bring so much love to all of us. Your humor is unique, your laugh is contagious and that side eye… girlllllll, it’s something else. Today (and every day), we celebrate your little girl!”

3/8 What does Tamera Mowry think of Tia’s divorce?

The Mowry sisters have always been very close. They work together and share time as a family. They said they were best friends.

They are also there for each other in difficult times. Tamera recently said on the Today with Hoda and Jenna, “I support her. Whatever she wants, the Mowrys support her. I love her very much. She is strong.” Tamera went on to say that as a sister, she would respect Tia by wanting some private time right now.

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2/8 What is Tia Mowry working on now?

Tia Mowry has enjoyed great success since the end of Sister, Sister. She and her twin, Tamera, starred in the jerks movies, which new children discover every Halloween. They did a few more movies together, and in 2011 they had their own reality show, Tia and Tamara.

Since then, Tia has written two books, she starred in The game and the Nick at Nite series, instant mom. She had her own Cooking Channel series and started a podcast.

More recently, she starred in the Netflix series, Family meeting. The third season is set to release this fall, but it will be the last season of the popular series.

1/8 What will Tia Mowry do next?

Life changes for Tia Mowry. As she puts it, she’s starting a “new chapter.” She is both getting a divorce and ending a three-year streak. She can take time for herself and her children.

But when she returns to work, will there be a sister, sister restart in its future? She said “no” in the past. She also stated that she would not join The game to restart.

But maybe she will change her mind in this new chapter. Or at least one jerks 3?