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Instagram has some serious FOMO on Bobby Flay’s lobster brunch

On instagram, chef Bobby Flay shared a video of himself cooking lobster Benedict. Flay replaces the Canadian bacon called for in the traditional Eggs Benedict recipe with a piece of lobster meat, but he didn’t stop there. Instead, he also swaps English muffins for crispy, golden lobster patties, which are then topped with a poached egg, topped with Meyer lemon hollandaise sauce and topped with a dollop of caviar.

“Damn yeah boss,” replied Michele Ragussis, a former “Food Network Star” contestant who also appeared on – and won – an episode of “Beat Bobby Flay.” “We need the recipe! says another commenter. Others were also begging Flay for his recipe. And phyllis.ramirez tagged another user saying: “[M]arry someone who will make you weekend brunches like this!!!”

It’s unclear if Flay will be sharing a recipe for his seafood-inspired Eggs Benedict. Will he appear in a next cookbook he co-wrote with his daughter Sophie? Or in the sound menu Caesars Palace Restaurant, Amalfi? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, his Instagram video might give enough information for enterprising home cooks who want to try Flay’s Lobster Benedict.