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Life Lessons from “The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman star enjoyed a successful career as a Food Network host and entrepreneur. In addition to her popular cooking show, Ree Drummond has a clothing line, a magazine, and a cooking and bedding line.

Drummond shot to fame after she started blogging about her life in Pawhuska, Oklahoma at the Drummond Ranch. Her fans just couldn’t get enough of her stories and recipes. Here are some life lessons we could all learn from Drummond.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

One lesson we can learn from Drummond is not to take ourselves too seriously. She knows how to have fun, whether she’s cooking a meal for her show or spending time with her family.

During The pioneer woman show, you will often see Drummond having fun, cracking jokes and telling funny stories. She even laughs when a blooper happens. Some of the bloopers that took place during filming were a wooden spoon going on fire, a pan of S’mores set on fire, and forgetting the ingredients of one of his recipes. Drummond takes it all head on.

Wear clothes that make you happy

It’s tempting to dress to impress others, but that often means wearing an outfit that’s uncomfortable or doesn’t represent your true style. Life is too short to wear clothes that don’t make you happy.

Drummond wears light and comfortable clothes. Most of her tops have a floral pattern or some other interesting design. She once shared on her Instagram account that she wears “blouse” tops because they help hide her belly.

Drummond aims for comfort and style. This can be seen in the types of clothes you can buy in her Pioneer Woman clothing line. Everything is done for comfort. The patterns are also bright and cheerful.

Make time for family

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Drummond enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Ladd Drummond, and children. Her family was the inspiration behind her cookbook Super easy: 120 shortcut recipes for dinners, desserts and more.

During an interview on View, Drummond admits she’s reached a point where cooking has become a chore. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of her children were at home, so she had to cook a lot of meals. Drummond says her family eats a lot, so she ended up in the kitchen most of the time.

The pandemic has prompted Drummond to look for ways to prepare the same hearty meals in less time. She says she’d rather spend more time with her family than in the kitchen. In this cookbook, Drummond revealed some of his superhero shortcuts.

Support your friends

Drummond’s best friend, Cyndi Kane (also known as Hyacinth), recently released her cookbook, Save-it-Forward Dinners. Drummond was by his side, helping him promote the book. Kane made sure to send a special shout out to her friend.

“My book launch shenanigans started with hello america yesterday!” Kane wrote on her instagram page. “Thank you @thepioneerwoman for all your love and support for Save It Forward Suppers! And the framing. Man, did I need it.

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