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MasterChef’s Shelly Flash talks about her return for Back to Win

When it comes to MasterChef’s Back to Win season, it’s clear that while things may look very familiar, there are quite a few firsts we see. And even for the competitors, it’s a season like no other.

For Shelly Flash, who was unfortunately eliminated during the episode “Cooking for Horsetown USA”, the differences between her season (season 6) and the Back to Win season (season 12) are enough that, in some cases, it can discourage people. their game. At the same time, it’s a season of second chances and that also changes things. People have an idea of ​​what to expect in certain ways, knowing that you can’t predict what will happen next.

Following her elimination from the MasterChef kitchen (or at least the airing of the episode where she was eliminated), we had the opportunity to speak to Shelly about her return to the series. Not only did we discuss what it was like to be back on MasterChef, but what’s next.

MasterChef’s Shelly Flash talks about being part of the Back to Win season

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Guilty Eats: What brought you back to MasterChef cooking?

Shelly Flash“I was thinking how many times do you get a second chance to do something that big? And I know that might be like the go-to but that was literally it. And then also, I knew I was in a different place in my culinary journey, my career, and just my maturity and like who I was and my perspective. I’ve grown so much. I haven’t looked at seasons or anything like that. But I knew I had grown as a professional and as a mother, and I was in a different mindset and felt like you know what, I needed that money. money will be great. The visibility of my business would be great. It made sense.

And then there are so many things going on in my life at that time. The transition after COVID and what is happening in my life. So I was like, you know what, God, okay, I didn’t see this one coming. So it was one of those things like the stars aligned at that time. And that made sense. And I think I could go there as a different person. I didn’t want to go there as the same person.

GE: What was your favorite part of your return to MasterChef?

SF“What I liked most was being able to present my culture in a very clear and concise way. The first time, I didn’t really do it. I mean, I made it to but I wasn’t as grounded in it. As if the judge was telling me things and I was guessing things. And that’s because I wasn’t as firm and as confident. So the fact that I’ve been able to really grow Jamaica, grow single moms, grow entrepreneurs, just the culture and just being a black woman, and it’s been so well received, like they’ve had it especially in the climate we’re in was my favorite part.

GE: What was the difference between the Back to Win season and your original season, season 6?

SF: “I would say the biggest difference was that, and this is something you don’t see, we had phones. We had phones and we mingled a lot more. My season was obviously one where nobody had forerunners. We were all there for the first time. We had nothing to reference. We weren’t hinting anything. There was no one who thought they knew what the other person had done. And that was We were present, you know, there were no agendas or angles.

This time it was a little bit different because you get to where everybody feels like they know everybody based on something they watched, or they come here trying to foreshadow because all my season, we did that. I’m like no, it’s technically the first time because it’s new to everyone. The biggest thing is that I didn’t feel that people were there as much.

It felt like everyone was trying to figure things out rather than just being there. And that was the biggest difference I noticed, where I was like no, you really don’t know what they’re going to do. Like don’t think you know because the moment you think you know that’s it.

Originally, we didn’t talk much. We have always been silenced. Because they wanted that authenticity and suspense, but this time we were all together the whole time, always on our phones. It was another era. So it was a little different.

GE: How would you describe this season?

SF“I would say Back to Win is good to see fan favorites, different storylines, different backgrounds and a place where you can showcase your culinary growth and journey. It’s a before and after drug. So it’s cool to see where they are now. And you can say wow, like that’s where that person came from because they gave you a little insight into who they are and where they are now. He’s so good to see that trajectory and see the growth of a competitor. If you want to see a show that will allow you to see that it’s not always bells and whistles. Instead, you can see the trajectory of somebody.

GE: Would you do it again?

SF: “Fuck yeah. 100% Let me say something. I would come back and put it out. would stick to my instincts and ignore all the voices and really silence all the noise. And because I can cook. My lines show it every week when we do our pop-ups. We sell Jamaican tacos. We cook for LinkedIn Corporate. We’re still doing corporate events. We’re hosting private parties. We’re about to open a space downtown [Brooklyn]. People are really drawn to food.

Some of the food I got to do on the show, and some new stuff, and I’m like fucking Shells like that wasn’t a mistake. So even how things went, at least I was able to gain a new fanbase and share what we’re doing with people. But not 110% If they call me tomorrow, I’ll come back with a vengeance.

GE: Are there any other cooking contests you would like to participate in?

SF“I don’t even know if it’s still playing but Cutthroat Kitchen looks fun as hell. I love this messy shit. It’s hilarious and it’s like cooking with a fucking iron. I have so much fun when I cook. And being in that kind of element where you can just laugh at yourself falling on your face, you know? And it’s just that’s the food, not the serious stuff you get into, but I’m just such a fun person. I am a dancer, singer, I make jokes. As if I was this imperfect leader. I’m that ordinary person at home where like “did I forget to put the chicken with my fried chicken dish” like I’m wrong. I am human. And I love shows that show that, understand, and show that we’re not perfect.

And I love that because you know the MasterChef brand is perfection like Master Chef. But let’s think about it. We’re not, and I’d love to do something that would just be able to show that food is fun, food is love, and you can have a great time doing it. And I would love to be part of something like that or even loved Supermarket Sweep at the time. And I like the way Guy [Fieri] does it with like cooking. I can shop my ass… I know a brand across the street so both of these shows are definitely Supermarket Sweep [Guy’s Grocery Games] and certainly Cutthroat Kitchen.

GE: I have to ask what’s next?

SF“Right now, we’re in the process of moving to downtown Brooklyn. It’s lively. So we are going to do a shared kitchen space, a delivery service, a range of products that will all be released from September. And then I was lucky enough to be selected for Food Network’s Food and Wine Festival. So I’m one of the talented chefs for tacos and tequilas after dark. I am the only black woman. I am the only person from the West Indies. I am the only mother. It’s all men. I am so happy to represent women. And women of color. I’m really excited about this. Then other things that I can’t really talk about.

GE: Finally, we have to ask ourselves – what are you eating guilty?

SF“My eating culprit, and no one would come better for me, is McDonald’s fries cooked to order with a Hi-C Orange.” I eat it and enjoy it in my car. It’s my guilty pleasure. I could eat it five days a week. And I just sit in my car and enjoy them but it has to be cooked to order. So yeah, go to McDonald’s and ask for made-to-order fries because they’re fresh and they’re amazing. Judge the culinary world later.

People think that because we are chefs, we cook all the time. You can’t duplicate McDonald’s fries. If you can, I need you to come to Brooklyn. I’ll pay you to show me how to do this, but you can’t replicate this fry. Whatever factory it comes from, we can’t do it.

If you want to know more about Shelly and what’s next for her after she returns from MasterChef, check her out. instagram account and make sure if you’re in Brooklyn try his tacos!