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Naomi Judd’s Food Network Shows You Probably Forgot

Titled “Naomi Judd’s Family Table,” the show aired in 2004, according to tv guide. It only has one episode. Naomi Judd and her famous daughters, Ashley and Wynonna, shared “their secrets to staying close…and the importance of bonding rather than eating” (via The food web). The special included visits to Judd family homes and offered tips for viewers on how to make memories with their own families, including activities to do with the kids, such as cookie baking and baking. “family dessert night”.

The show’s edible stars included delicious Southern cuisine and dishes from the Judd family, who roots in Kentucky. Among them were recipes for fried chicken, Deviled eggs, Chocolate meringue pieand yeast buns from Noemie’s mother At Polly and Ashley’s pie crust. In 2016, Naomi referenced her Food Network experience while discussing her feelings about food with Las Vegas Review-Journal“The Food Network wanted me to have my own show. Although I love to cook, for me it’s really about feeding the mind, soul and heart of your family. I created my own family of choice – about seven couples, but the food is always the draw.”

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