Food network

Ree Drummond confessed to a serious craze for condiments

The Food Network just dropped a music video via Youtube of Drummond making their signature cheeseburgers. As she bakes a bun for tons of meat and veggies, she spreads spicy mustard on both sides, declaring, “I’m in a mustard time of my life.” The pioneer woman also admits to having about seven different mustards hidden along her refrigerator door. “I love it,” she says.

After piling his mustard-laden bun with meat, peppers, and onions, Drummond pours a ridiculous amount of hot cheese sauce all over the burger, gently placing the other bun on top. You might know how the country chef elevates his mashed potatoes, but this recipe proves that Drummond also knows how to elevate a standard burger with spicy mustard and a golden waterfall of cheese. YouTubers seemed to appreciate Drummond’s use of a tasty, affordable and easy-to-find mustard, calling the burger “pure gold” and a “great recipe for all of us budgeting carefully this year.”

While this may be the first time Drummond has outright declared his love for mustard onscreen, the yellow spread is often a key ingredient in his dishes. Not only does she have a chicken cutlet recipe which includes a mustard and herb sauce, but his famous mac and cheese also includes dry mustard, which, according to Drummond“provides a tangy sharpness without injecting a definable flavor.”