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Ree Drummond Shares ‘First Love’ Video and Fans Can’t Get Enough


  • Ree Drummond posted a video of pancakes on Instagram.
  • The pioneer woman called pancakes her “first love” in legend.
  • Fans loved the video, from the music and ingredients to the cooking utensils.

Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Ree Drummond’s pancake video has fans obsessed with The Pioneer Woman (and her pancakes). The Food Network star shared a video about her “first love” that had fans drooling in the comments.

Ree Drummond posts mouth-watering pancake video on Instagram

Drummond shared his love of pancakes on May 1 instagram Publish. She filmed the pancake-making process from start to finish. Captioning the post, “You never forget your first love,” she mixed together the dry ingredients. Then she poured in the wet ingredients, adding what appeared to be milk, eggs, melted butter, and vanilla extract.

Drummond zoomed in on the batter, and as she zoomed out, the pancakes turned golden brown in a cast iron skillet. Finally, the Food Network star showed pancakes stacked on a plate as she slowly poured maple syrup on top. Meanwhile, “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie played.

Fans loved the Pioneer Woman video

Scroll through the comments on Drummond’s pancake video and see fans couldn’t get enough. “Pannycakes!!! Saturday mornings were for pannycakes growing and still are!! 🥞🥞🥞🥞,” Sunny Anderson, co-host of The kitchenmentioned.

Drummond’s pancake video even caught the attention of his kids. “Bring me some,” replied her 24-year-old daughter, Alex Drummond, who helped film the Food Network show.

Jocelyn Delk Adam, the creator of the blog, Grand Baby Cakes, also chimed in. “Ohhh yes, I want them so badly,” she said, adding that it “comforts” her like no “other.” “Guess I’m going to the kitchen to make pancakes 😂😂😂,” chef Damaris Phillips added.

“This video is what I would show an alien to explain pancakes,” another person wrote, to which Drummond replied with a crying and laughing emoji. “Butter, flour, eggs – the trifecta that makes all things delicious!” commented another. “This is the perfect song for this video,” another fan wrote, calling it “an ode to pancakes.”

Other fans noticed a particular bowl in Drummond’s pancake video. When asked if she used a floral bowl from Franciscan Ceramics, the former food blogger said yes, adding that the one in the video belonged to her grandmother.

Ree Drummond’s pancake recipes

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Consider Drummond’s pancake video an introduction, or teaser, to Pioneer Woman’s pancake recipes. the Super easy! The cookbook author offers different versions of the classic breakfast food.

There are Drummond’s tin pancakes. Which, as noted in her latest cookbook, saves her “from having to keep individual pancakes on a griddle.” In this particular recipe, Drummond makes the baking process even easier by preparing the batter in a blender.

Another is Drummond’s Mason Jar Pancake Mix. As she once explained on her Food Network show, she keeps the mix “on standby” so she’s “ready to knock out breakfast anytime in the days to come or if a passing breeder stop”.

Yet another Pioneer Woman pancake recipe is Drummond’s Pancake Pockets. She packs everything together – syrup, mixes, pancakes – hence the name.

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