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Ree Drummond Shares Her Extensive Pantry Overhaul and Fans Are Obsessed

Ree Drummond did a complete pantry overhaul and took fans on two Instagram videos. His followers loved seeing the process and end result organized, plus The pioneer woman star was more than happy to answer a few questions.

Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Ree Drummond Organizing Her Pantry Part 1

On August 28, Drummond took to instagram to share his pantry organization project. “Pantry Organization/Restocking, Part 1!” I took everything out, immediately regretted it, then cleaned out the pantry and put everything back, much cleaner this time! she wrote in the caption.

“It’s mainly the pastry/miscellaneous side. Will post part 2 (the food side!) next. Tagged a lot of things in this video, from my bracelet/ring to ceramics to cookbooks. The cups belonged to my mother-in-law and they remind me of her every day,” the Food Network host added.

Drummond showed off the pantry’s bare shelves, then got to work filling large jars with flour and sugar and smaller jars with icing sugar, chocolate chips, brown sugar and nuts of pecan.

She placed the jars on pantry shelves and loaded tiered turntables with measuring cups, baking soda, cornstarch, baking powder, vanilla and more. flavored extracts, chocolate bars and shortening sticks.

Drummond placed the pastries on shelves and added stacks of plates and bowls, placed cups on another shelf and included bags of coffee and cookbooks. She placed mixing bowls and pitchers, mason jars and a dutch oven in the pantry along with other baking items like oatmeal, pancake mix, syrup, cocoa powder and yeast.

The pioneer woman star put more pots and dishes on the shelves, along with wine glasses, bottles of Topo Chico, baking dishes and chocolate-covered candies. She also filled drawers with bread pans, cake pans, pie pans, containers, wine and cocktail ingredients. Drummond placed napkins, napkin rings, and silverware in another drawer, and a variety of whisks, a hand blender, immersion blender, containers, and lids in another area.

Drummond answers questions from fans

Drummond fans loved the final results of his part one video, based on the comments. Her followers also posted questions that she seemed more than happy to answer.

“I see you have your pecans in the pantry – do you keep any other nuts in the fridge/freezer?” asked a fan. She replied, “I have a big bag of pecans in my freezer and I fill the jar as needed from that!”

When a fan asked, “Love these glass jars, where did you get them?” Drummond replied, “They’re Anchor Hocking and I have the huge ones at Container Store!”

‘The Pioneer Woman’ star organizes her pantry, part 2

Drumond shared the second part of his big project on August 30 on instagram. “Organizing/Restocking the Pantry Part 2. Remind me to never do this again!!! (But can you see what I’m walking away with at the end? Worth it!) Also, grab my fraction d ‘sneeze during cans of soup, har har. Alright, goodbye,’ she wrote in the caption.

Drummond poured a variety of dried pasta into jars and added other ingredients into mason jars. She placed packets of pasta in one basket and put canned goods in other baskets. She gathered bottles of condiments and sauce and filled another basket with bread and tortillas.

The Food Network host placed the dried and canned goods on shelves along with containers of broth, potted pesto and pasta sauce, peanut butter, honey and jelly on other shelves. She organized boxes of cereal and snacks, as well as olive oils and vinegar, and a big jar of chocolate kisses.

She finished by panning the camera around the entire pantry to show off her hard work and left with a sweet treat – a jar of Nutella!

Drummond answers more questions

His fans were obsessed with Drummond’s newly curated pantry and had a few questions. When a follower asked about the white baskets, the Food Network host said she bought them at the Container Store. “They’re good for ‘themes’: canned beans in one, canned tomato products in another, queso stuff, etc!” she explained.

When asked by a fan what she does with “strange leftovers” of beans and pasta, Drummond had the perfect answer. “Weird leftovers can be soup!” she noted.

One follower wondered, “How long does this store your pantry?” Drummond admitted: “It’s been quite a while now that it’s just Ladd, Todd and me (most of the time, anyway!)”

Another fan was impressed that Drummond didn’t drop any swear words in the process. “You use a lot less swear words when spilling things than I do,” they wrote.

Drummond joked, “Not necessarily…”

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