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San Francisco restaurants see business increase as they open for outdoor dining

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A break from the rain brought people to the restaurant.

Outdoor dining is allowed again in San Francisco, but many businesses struggled to install outdoor parklets during the storm.

San Francisco gradually reopened outdoor restaurants yesterday, there’s definitely more foot traffic here tonight.

A boost for small businesses in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood after being closed for weeks, or operating only take-out and delivery.

“It was a great evening. I think people were eager to get out. We have over 100 reservations, which is actually unusual and a good start,” said Il Casaro owner Francesco Covucci.

“We are happy that he is back. It’s been tough on business, so hopefully that’ll be a big plus,” said resident Kody Ferguson.

San Francisco closed businesses Dec. 4, two weeks before the state’s term governor lifted the regional stay-at-home order for the Bay Area, the timing coinciding with a powerful storm that hit the area with heavy rain making it difficult for restaurants. to serve customers outside.

On Friday night, a break in the rain got people out.

“It’s the first time in a long time and it feels good. We’re free again,” said resident Steven Beus.

The city’s COVID case rate, intensive care unit capacity and death rate are better than most, but with restrictions easing city leaders, be careful not to let your guard down.

Health experts say people often forget that you can be asymptomatic and still spread the virus.

“Please wear masks, please maintain social distancing, please be very, very careful when mixing with crossed households. This has eluded us many times before. Let’s not let this slip away for a third time as we’re in the process of trying to get everyone vaccinated and when it’s your turn to get vaccinated, go do it,” said infectious disease expert Dr George Rutherford from UCSF.

Diners we spoke to say they are cautious.

“This group you see at this table, we’ve been pretty tight-knit, we’ve agreed not to see each other so we’ve been able to reduce exposure to others and that’s been great,” Beus said.

“I feel like everyone has their own personal ideals about the risk involved. We just try to stay safe, wear masks and keep our distance,” Ferguson said.

Public health officials acknowledge the damage health orders have done to the economy, but credit strict orders with saving more lives.

Restaurants in San Francisco were struggling long before the pandemic.

The Golden Gate Restaurant Association says restaurants can’t afford to reopen this time around after small business ppp loans dwindle.

Back in North Beach, restaurants take it day by day.

Francesco Covucci is the owner of Il Casaro Pizzeria.

“We announced the news opening on Tuesday, but we have to go, so it’s good and nice to get all the employees back to work,” Covucci said.

Other restaurants plan to reopen for outdoor dining next month – it takes about a week to bring staff back and order supplies.

Meanwhile, hair and nail salons, outdoor museums and zoos, outdoor family entertainment have also been given the green light to reopen with restrictions.