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Southern Maryland Baker Wins Food Network’s Halloween Wars

Janira Green (Credit: DMV CakeLady)

BRYANS ROAD, Md. – Janira Green was born in the Bronx and raised in Puerto Rico. After graduating from high school, Green moved to the United States and joined the United States Navy.

Now, the 37-year-old runs a bakery called DMV CakeLady and has just scored a massive victory in the Food Network’s Halloween Wars.

Green started baking about nine years ago after baking her son’s fifth birthday cake. Her family and friends told her she should keep baking, and now she has been a professional baker for five years.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Food Network and artistic creativity and eventually my family encouraged me to follow my passion,” Green told

“I was a computer scientist for 15 years and when covid hit in 2020 I was made redundant and since then I have been working full time on my passion for cakes…I had already been on Food Network in 2019 for the season 1 of Holiday Wars and my team at the time, I was eliminated in the first episode. I was pretty crushed but after 3 years I decided I needed some redemption to showcase my skills with the world so I submitted an application and was selected to join Halloween Wars .

the Ghosty Gals (Credit: DMV CakeLady)

Green randomly teamed up with Susana and Monique just five days before filming began.

However, the team named Ghosty Gals would create a bond that would help them work together through difficult challenges.

“Some of the toughest challenges, I would say, were the plot twists in the middle of episodes where we had to get creative to find the plot twist at the time, while focusing on getting our main piece completed on time,” Green explained. “Seven hours may seem like a lot, but it goes by really fast… There were days when we sometimes worked twelve hours a day, but I would say it was totally worth it. We made the most of it. »

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After nearly two months on the show, the Ghosty Gals would win Halloween Wars. Green went on to explain how that realization made him feel.

“It was absolutely amazing. There are no words to really describe the feeling,” Green said. “I’m a self-taught artist who won Season 12 of Halloween Wars. It’s an accomplishment that means so much in itself. We’ve all sacrificed so much to be on the show and put our personal lives on hold, so winning was definitely worth it.

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Green’s next step is to continue her cake craft and further grow her customer base.

Her big dream is to be featured on another big streaming platform and have one of her cakes featured on the cover of a magazine.

We know Green will continue to make the DMV proud.

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