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Statewide Website Launched for Food Insecure Households


Households seeking food aid have a much easier way to find help through a project supported by the Sunflower Foundation.

A new website – – is designed to help people in need of food assistance find food pantries in their area. The website also has a link to apply for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) assistance or food stamps, as well as a link to upcoming summer food sites for kids.

The website lists food pantries that are agency partners of the three food banks that serve Kansas: Kansas Food Bank, Harvesters – The Community Food Network, and Second Harvest Community Food Bank. Additionally, food pantries that are not part of the food bank network are included with The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) sites – these are often referred to as USDA-supported government products.

“The pandemic is really what triggered this,” said Brian Walker, president and CEO of the Kansas Food Bank. “Nowhere was there a complete list of all the pantries that served our state. The website was designed for a user-friendly experience to help neighbors facing food insecurity by directly connecting Kansans in need with helpful resources.

Breaking everything down to the county level, the new website features a mapping tool that allows a resident to see exactly where each food pantry is located, along with a contact phone number and any other information available, such as opening hours or what is necessary. to access food.

The website is easily accessible from a mobile device or desktop computer. It is aimed not only at food-insecure households, but also at schools, social workers, case managers, health professionals and anyone trying to find resources for the people they help.

The three food banks serving Kansas are working together to fight hunger in our great state. This website is one of many ways that together we can ensure that our food insecure people have access to nutritious food.

For questions regarding, please contact the Kansas Food Bank at 316-265-3663.