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The Burnt Trailer cocktail is popular for being painful

A doctor invented Moxie with ingredients intended to cure – gentian root, wintergreen, sassafras and apparently even cocaine – whatever he used worked, as the drink outsold Coca-Cola in the early 1900s, according to New England today. (Fun fact: Coca-Cola bought Moxie in 2018, per NPR). “I personally think it tastes like a little flat root bear, a little flat Pepsi, mixed with a little drop of cough syrup,” Brittany Payne said. CBS News.

For a scorched trailer, take Moxie and mix it with Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy. Whether or not you add milk is a point of contention, depending on Radio WOKQ 97.5.

Allen’s Brandy has its own reputation to uphold as Maine’s best-selling liquor, beating all other rums, whiskeys and vodkas (by The daily beast). In a Maine tavern, a customer informed morning news, “I drank a fifth of Allen one night and couldn’t breathe.” As advertised, the brandy is sweet and smells like coffee, but at 60 degrees it packs a punch. The label explains on its website that the drink originally found favor with anglers who wanted to add something extra to their morning brews.

To make the drink at home, The mighty plantain says you’ll need to mix one part Allen with two parts Moxie, put on a t-shirt that shows off New England pride, and… we wish you luck.