Cooking chefs

The new DISHING IT UP kitchen series puts Australian chefs in the crosshairs!

Dishing It Up puts celebrity chef recipes to the test with the toughest reviews of all, home cooks.

Armed only with utensils from their own kitchens, chaos ensues as everyday Australians fire up their tablets and attempt to follow celebrity chefs, watching recipes unfold step by step.

From culinary disasters to misguided measurements and appliance malfunctions, Dishing It Up erases the shine from showbiz to reveal the hilarious truths behind your favorite cooking shows.

Participants come from different generations, cultures and culinary abilities and are united by one thing: their love of food.

They include mother and daughter Magda and Sara, sassy friends Anna and Matt, best friends Hari and Jonathan, and married couples Fiona and Jeremy, Yash and Stefan, and Waz and Jen.

Radio host, actress, writer and comedian Veronique Milsom adds her comedic touch as the narrator of all eight episodes.

First season, episode one: Moreish

We all love to watch celebrity chefs prepare mouth-watering dishes, but are they actually as impressive as they look? In this episode, everyday home cooks put four finer dishes from four very different chefs to the test.

Dishing It Up – New Series Premiere – Thursday, September 29 at 7:30 p.m. on SBS, SBS Food and SBS On Demand (8 parts)