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The Problem GBBO Fans Have With The Show’s Challenges

The viewer speculated that “The Great British Baking Show” captured its American audience with its stark contrast to money-driven competitions in the United States. He also argued that part of the appeal was friendly competitors who were willing to help their neighbor rather than display an “I didn’t come here to make friends”. However, this season showed some changes that viewers took issue with.

“Mexican Week” saw the elimination by Rebs and James. The episode’s technical challenge was to make tacos from scratch — something that didn’t require any items to be cooked (via Twisted). Participants did not know much about the ingredients of certain foods, such as pico de gallo. People took to social media to complain. twitter user @richardosman made a post stating, “You’d be gutted getting kicked out of Bake Off because you couldn’t make guacamole.” another user, @ceryshu67648227wondered, “Am I the only one sick of there being more baking on BAKE off? [than] cooking?” And a very disappointed @steakuccino complained, “Mexican Week is a travesty. The tacos aren’t cooked. The contestants are obviously doing their best but the producers should be ashamed.”

Some people on Reddit felt that Paul Hollywood was the problem. But others agreed with the statement that “whoever is behind the editing and writing is trying to make it look like a Food Network show and it is NOT working”.