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The Robert Irvine Foundation and Paws for People team up

The hearts of the dog-loving world melted together the other day when celebrity chef Robert Irvine posted a video on his Instagram page in which his charitable foundation and Paws for People came together to wear a red vest to a dog …officially making him a veteran’s service dog. .

And we all love dogs; that’s why we converge on this site so often, dear readers. But when adorable dogs encounter a charitable donation, our hearts collectively melt, as they sure will when you watch Irvine’s aforementioned post.

Join us as we take a look at this heartwarming moment made possible by the Robert Irvine Foundation and Paws for People

The Robert Irvine Foundation

For fans of the culinary industry, chef Robert Irvine is of course no stranger. He’s had a pretty impressive cooking career and on the Food Network alone he’s hosted and appeared on numerous shows, including the hugely popular Dinner: Not possible and of course Restaurant: Impossiblein which he helps struggling restaurateurs get back on their feet.

His charitable efforts don’t end there, as he also founded the Robert Irvine Foundation; A former soldier himself in his native England, he understands the stress that life after the army can present.

Perhaps the absolute best way to describe the foundation is through the mission statement found on the official website of the foundation:

“The main purpose of the Robert Irvine Foundation is to give back and support our service members, veterans, first responders, their families and those in need through resilience, health and wellness programs, in addition to financial support from top military and first responder organizations.

paws for people

Lynne Robinson, who is a retired teacher, decided to train Boo Radley, the very first Paws for People dog to be trained in pet therapy after adopting him. Over the years, her one dog team grew and grew, as Robinson saw the absolutely powerful effect dogs could have on people in need of support and well, therapy, so she founded the organization shortly after.

The demand proved huge over time and the foundation grew from those humble beginnings and grew rapidly.

Their mission also, is a powerful:

“With our mission to love one-on-one visits with gentle, gentle pets always at our hearts, PAWS has grown to become the largest pet therapy organization in the Mid-Atlantic region serving all of Delaware and parts of PA , NJ and MD and a diverse group of dedicated people and their amazing therapy pets…

We say our primary goal is “to provide the best visit for everyone involved” – the recipient, the therapy human and the pet. With this goal in mind, we continue to recruit, train, certify, place and supervise happy humans and lovely pets doing the best pet therapy we can offer.

-via paws for people

Bentley finds a home

Bentley, an adorable dog trained by Paws for People, received a red vest and it was awarded to Zack, a veteran in need of a therapy dog.

Some background information on award-winning Bentley veteran Zack McNew, according to a press release:

“Zack spent six years on active duty in the US military as a military police officer. While serving, he was a military working dog handler and deployed to Iraq, where he was always on high alert for threats. As a result, he is diagnosed with PTSD. Zack experiences heightened anxiety, struggles with depression and feelings of survivor’s guilt, and often lacks the motivation and energy to leave home and interact with society.

Going through

The Robert Irvine Foundation and Paws for People have teamed up for this unbelievably adorable moment and, as it obviously seemed in the video, Bentley couldn’t have been a happier dog. To see the video of the adorable and touching moment, visit Robert Irvine’s Instagram here.

It’s not the easiest thing to do – training a dog to be a therapy dog ​​- because it takes a lot of time to train animals and also prepare their human friend for the experience; a bit like the animals trained by Mira… a Quebec foundation providing guide dogs to people in need, founded in 1981.

The whole process can take up to a year and sometimes more, so overall the moment was huge and heartwarming.

“It’s a heavenly partnership,” as Irvine himself said in the post he filmed for his Instagram followers.

Essentially, the red vest is like a graduation hat, if you will, and it symbolizes the partnership that dog and human get into…a relationship made…well, as Chief Irvine put it best… “in Paradise”.

Dear readers, do you have any heartwarming service dog stories you would like to share? Let us know in the comments.