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The simple trick to avoid overcooking instant pasta

If you’ve never cooked pasta in the Instant Pot, you’re in for a treat, but the process takes a few walkthroughs to wrap you around. Many of us are used to boiling pasta in a pot of water that we can access at any time in order to periodically check the pasta’s doneness, but in the Instant Pot the appliance is locked throughout of the cooking process. For this reason, it can be easy for beginners to undercook pasta by using too little liquid or to overcook it by setting the appliance to pressure cook for too long, depending on Kitchen.

The outlet explains that overcooking pasta is a particularly common mistake because the overall cooking time of the starch really adds up as the pot builds pressure, stays under pressure to cook the dish, and then releases the pressure. pressure when finished cooking. To take the guesswork out of the process, the outlet suggests halving the standard boiling water cooking time listed on the pasta box.

So if a can of penne has a suggested cooking time of 12 minutes, halve that for six minutes under pressure in the Instant Pot. When in doubt, try searching for a specific recipe created for the Instant Pot for the shape of pasta you’re cooking with, Kitchn notes. With this handy rule, overcooked Instant Pot pasta should be a thing of the past.