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The unexpected way Ina Garten cures salmon

Once this fish is nice and soaked, it needs some pressure to dry properly. But most of us don’t have industrial machinery lying around the house to do the work. What’s a barefoot Contessa to do? Can it – literally. Garten recommends putting the wrapped salmon in a deep dish, then getting a number of heavy cans (which you probably already have somewhere), using them to weigh the fish down while it hardens. You let the fish sit for two to three days so time, salt, and spirit can do their thing (via Youtube).

As the fish heals, you flip the sides a few times to get things evenly distributed, but there’s not much more to it. When the time is up, you unwrap the fillets, scrape off most of the herbs and seasonings, and thinly slice (for Food Network). Garten suggests layering the delicate pink chunks on mini pumpernickel bread triangles that have first been coated in Gravlax sauce, a tangy mix of mustards, seasoned with a little salt, sugar, vinegar and dill.

Salmon can heal the sounds just as it could bring a little excitement to your appetizer repertoire or your Sunday brunch. Who needs to cook when you can heal?