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These are the most romantic restaurants in San Francisco that still have Valentine’s Day reservations

There are still three weeks to go until Valentine’s Day, but now is the time to make a reservation, especially if you plan to grab drinks and dinner on your date in San Francisco.

To help sort out the options, Yelp has compiled a list of 21 restaurants in SF that are still accepting reservations for Feb. 14.

Yelp curated the list based on restaurants that had high reviews mentioning the word “romantic.” Once these companies were identified, they were ranked based on total volume and review scores with that key term.

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Additionally, they only included restaurants that accepted reservations through their website and were available on February 14.

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The list is composed mainly of French bistros. However, you can be sure to find other off-the-radar options for everyday meals.

Forget duck confit and French wine. How about a good slice of cheese pizza at Beretta or tacos at Tropisueño?

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Whatever your taste in cuisine or decor, you can be sure to find a restaurant that suits you. Availability may be limited as the holidays approach, so be sure to act quickly.

To note: These following items are essentials for your loved one: champagne glasses, Polaroid cameras, scented candles and foot spas.

Note: These companies were available on Valentine’s Day for a group of two starting January 22.

Click through the slideshow above to see which SF restaurants still have availability on Valentine’s Day.

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