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These are the notable restaurants in San Francisco that closed permanently in December

In early December, a survey released by the National Restaurant Association found that more than 110,000 restaurants had permanently closed across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. This month, with indoor and outdoor dining bans across California, that number has surely only increased. We know for a fact that in the Bay Area, we’ve lost many iconic spots this month: the historic Cliff House, for example, and the century-old Chinese banquet restaurant Far East Cafe (although it’s worth noting that a $1.9 million relief plan is being prepared by SF supervisors to specifically help struggling restaurants in Chinatown, including Far East Cafe). Be sure to order takeout from your favorite local restaurants if you can, as it’s likely just the start of a very harsh winter.

For permanent restaurant and bar closures during the month of November, click here, or scroll through the slideshow above to see restaurant closures for 2020.

August 1 five

This modern Indian restaurant in the Civic Center district opened its doors on December 20. “Since we opened our doors to you in November 2016, we have strived to celebrate modern India and its culinary kaleidoscope of flavors, textures and colors. For the past 4 years we have been breaking naan together, and since March we have been trying to weather this storm together… We will all miss you so much,” owner Hetal Shah wrote on Instagram. Read more.

cliff house

The iconic San Francisco restaurant that has overlooked the Pacific Ocean on the northern end of Ocean Beach since the Civil War has announced it will close permanently on December 31. The owners cited both the pandemic and National Park Service delays in reaching a long-term operating contract with the restaurant as reasons for the closure. Read more.

Devil’s Slide

The six-year-old Pacifica restaurant and beer bar closed on Dec. 18, according to Eater. “The taproom has become something much, much bigger than just a local pub: it has become a second home for many people…” read the announcement on its website.

DNM Fondue

The Richmond District spot for Mongolian hot pot has closed, according to an announcement on their door, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

El Gusano

San Francisco’s Tropisueño’s sister restaurant Old Oakland, which was a taqueria by day and an upscale Mexican restaurant by night, closed in early December after seven years in business, according to Hoodline.

Far Eastern coffee

One of only two Chinese banquet restaurants remaining in San Francisco’s Chinatown is closing after 100 years. The Far East Cafe was popular for large events like weddings, fundraisers, and Lunar New Year celebrations. Read more.

lucky 13

Storied Market Street Lucky 13 dive bar has threatened to close for what seems like forever (developers have repeatedly offered plans to raze the bar for development), but this time it’s actually happening, and everything is the fault of COVID-19. Read more.

Mission Cheese

A nearly decade-old restaurant, wine bar and cheese shop in the Mission neighborhood closed in late December. “After nearly 10 years of selling incredible American cheeses, this decision has so many layers and was not taken lightly,” read an Instagram post announcing the closure. Read more.


The upscale Japanese restaurant serving traditional kaiseki meals in San Francisco’s Japanese Quarter announced its closure Dec. 20 on Instagram, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Stonestown Galleria Olive Garden

In early December, San Francisco’s only Olive Garden closed permanently, as Hoodline first reported. Now, if you want endless breadsticks, you’ll have to go to Hayward or Fremont. Read more.

Woods Bar & Brasserie

Woods Bar & Brewery, an Uptown Oakland nightlife staple that was known for its live jazz music, closed Dec. 23. Owner Jim Woods said business was down 85%. The other five Woods Beer & Wine Co. locations, which are primarily in San Francisco, remain open. Read more.