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Thunder Rosa on the importance of her double-or-nothing ring, leading the charge for AEW’s Women’s Division

Thunder Rosa will enter Sunday evening double or nothing pay-per-view as the AEW Women’s World Champion. But “La Mera Mera” will represent much more than herself as she steps into the ring. Rosa spoke with ComicBook earlier this week about how her special ring for the event will be dedicated to the women who disappeared near the US-Mexico border as well as the victims of the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. May 24. said: “I had a conversation with my media rep, Tony, and my parents, actually they were talking about it, about that there’s a lot of concern because over the last couple of years a lot of women disappeared in Mexico. And these women are young, between 18 and 35. They went to work, they went to look for work, they went to school and they never came back. The only thing that everyone everyone knows is that they have disappeared and they are probably dead.

“So I thought it would be a good idea for me to come out and just represent lost souls. And now with the unfortunate situation that happened in Uvalde, Texas…As you know, I I live in San Antonio. Uvalde is 45 minutes away. And I’m very, very involved in the community. To have 19 children die the way they did, it breaks my heart. But again , i was looking at the pictures of the kids and i was i just remember… i work with kids like that, and i know how hard it is for parents to lose their kids and lose family members So I really want to, with everything I wear, just represent them, every moment and every step,” she continued.

AEW double or nothing takes place tonight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will feature Rosa defending her pay-per-view title for the first time as she takes on Serena Deeb. Stay tuned for full coverage of tonight’s event and check out the full interview with Rosa below.

How has your championship career been so far?

Well, that feels really good. Yesterday I had the opportunity to do my… and I put it on Twitter, to do my first assembly with 5th graders here in Las Vegas. And just the fact that I have the title, and that I can talk to girls and boys who have similar backgrounds, it’s so moving. Because when I was asking some of the young girls questions, they had the same or very similar goals that I had when I was a young girl. And now they see me walking with a championship, and they see me on TV, and it’s kind of like giving them hope that no matter where they come from, that they can achieve anything they want.

And that’s the same I feel with other women in general, all over the world, women and men who want to achieve their dreams of anything. And then they see me and they’re like, ‘Wow, I’ve seen her go from nobody to now being on top of the world.’ So for me to represent in such a positive way is so important, inside and outside the ring. So Sunday, when I arrive, I know I’m going to represent a lot, and I’m not going to come alone, let’s say. I come with a whole army of people who support me. With a whole army of people who unfortunately are no longer here, but I will be the one to champion their goals and dreams.

In addition to everything you do with AEW, you also run Mission Pro Wrestling. Who on the list do you think is about to break into the world stage?

Man, I love KiLynn King. I saw his matches on our show and off. She’s so passionate about wrestling, everything. I had the opportunity last year to travel with her. I just took her under my wing, I said, “Let’s get reservations at different places. Let’s fight each other. And just seeing how much she loves pro wrestling and how much it means to her reminds me so much of me, and those are the kind of people/We used to work very closely with the Renegade Twins. In fact, they came and stayed with us in Texas. And there are a lot of possibilities for them in the future. They are very young. Hopefully they can get their gadgets together and really kick things into high gear.

Who else? Man, I have so many. Jody Threat is another. I have to fight her. She’s from Canada. She’s one of those hidden gems that you have to tap live to say, “Oh my God, that girl is something.” I haven’t watched her promos, but I’m sure if she does stuff like that, it’ll be pretty cool. But ring-wise, these are the ones.

I caught up with the Taco Vlog. How did you come to this idea ?

So, it’s like always finding your niche, isn’t it? And everyone is like, “Hey, Thunder, you should do something with food,” because I’m always eating. And people, when I was doing my vlogs, I was always stuffing my face with food. And I love tacos and I thought, “Maybe you should go eat tacos everywhere.” I was just going to do it myself and just check it out, kinda like Food Network. But then they say, “Let’s do an interview.” And then I had Evil Uno, and it just took off from there. So it’s been really, really fun. I like to share a lot of my culture with a lot of people who have never had tacos or real authentic Mexican food. So it’s fun to see their reactions. And it’s also fun to see how open they can become when they’re feeling comfortable and having a nice dinner.

‘Cause it’s all just to remember when… I mean, I don’t know about your family, but I had some of my best memories around the dinner table, eating and sharing stuff and Christmas and all the holidays , just have as Lunch or dinner. So I want to put that on the table in the taco vlog so people feel comfortable talking about whatever they want, as much or as little as possible, and also getting some good food in their tummy .

Who was the worst at handling spicy food? And why was it Powerhouse Hobbs?

It’s Hobbs. He was so little… Oh my God. Like, “I don’t like…” This stuff wasn’t even spicy! I can’t. Usually the big guys are the scariest.

It was so cool to see you release the Wolverine gear a few months ago. How long have you been a fan of the X-Men?

X-Men has always been one of my favorite cartoons, I think. I remember a lot of cartoons, when I was little, I watched them on Channel 6, in black and white, because we didn’t have regular television. It’s like a little TV, and it was the only channel I could watch, so I’ll watch it. And I remember watching it and not understanding anything they were saying because it was in English. So I just liked the action. Then they translated them and they showed them on television, on Mexican television. So we were glued to that, and I loved the storytelling or whatever, how the mutants, how they didn’t like it. And I don’t know, I just identify with mutants because I always feel like an outsider, everywhere. And for Wolverine, I think it’s… Once the movies came out and stuff, they gave him a more human side of him and made him more mainstream.

And then when they do the girl from Spain (Dafne Keen in Logan) plays the girl, she looked a lot like when I was little, so everyone always laughed at me. Like, “You should call her Wolverine because she looks like you.” And I did, and everybody lost their shit. And I really appreciate it. I read more great old comics, and also have my own personal comic because I think it’s important to tell your story in a simpler way that everyone can relate to, with pictures. So yeah, that’s my thing with X-Men.

Are there other mutants that you would like to embody?

They had designed one for Magneto, a Magneto. I really like Magneto and his motivations on why he hates humans and everyone.

What do you think is the next big step for the AEW Women’s Division?

There are so many things we can do to improve what we have. I do not know. It is very difficult for me to answer this question because, as I said, everything can go in many different directions. Right? And as a champion, I really want to be there and be flexible and be able to help develop our new talents. And I think that’s very important.

It’s just like, again, there’s a lot we can do, I think, to make AEW even better than it is. And like I said, there are a lot of people, a lot of knowledge. Mercedes Martinez is there. I’m here. I run my own promotion to women. There are so many other people who have worked with women, and we are all ready to be on the bridge. So I think there are a lot of things we can do. And we will continue to make positive progress, to continue to be one of the best, if not the best division.