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TUCKER CARLSON: A free society needs comedians

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Josh Denny is a comedian. You may have heard of him. He worked for the Food Network. He’s also pro-life, personally, and ready to say it out loud.

Earlier this month, Denny was gearing up to host a comedy show in Rutherford, New Jersey. It’s about half an hour from New York, but just minutes after the show was announced Antifa, a violent and radical group, decided to shut it down.

Hundreds of Antifa-affiliated Twitter accounts began bombarding the venue called the Williams Center. They also pursued Rutherford Police Chief, a man named John Russo, and threatened violence. Now, at that time, a police chief who wanted to defend the Constitution, his solemn duty, would have rejected and affirmed the sacred right to free speech of every American, but that is not what Chief Russo. Instead, he gave in to the demands of the crowd.

He warned the venue that the venue could face civil liability if they allowed free speech to continue, if they allowed the show to continue. Then he said he would shut down the show for “public safety reasons.” So ultimately the Williams Center had no choice and canceled the show. In the end, the only people who showed up at the Williams Center that night were several police officers, and they were there to make sure there was no comedy, not at all.

Then, to add insult to injury, the next morning Rutherford, New Jersey Mayor Frank Nunziato bragged about what the city had done. He said it was his decision to use state power to curtail comedy. “Unbeknownst to the borough,” Nunziato wrote, “an event was scheduled for tonight at the Williams Center, news of which quickly circulated on social media. Online intelligence led the police department to believe that the event had the potential for a concentrated showdown, therefore,” Nunziato said, “after discussions with the owner, the event was cancelled.”


Now notice the blame shifts here, the potential for confrontation. It was not the comedian who was going to confront or threaten anyone with violence. It was the radical leftist group Antifa. But it was the actor who was punished.

This isn’t the first time Josh Denny has seen this. It’s happened four times in the past few weeks. The shows were canceled because of threats from the left. Two shows were canceled in Chicago, two more in New York and each time the same pattern. Denny would schedule a comedy show. Then a huge amount of Antifa-affiliated Twitter accounts intimidated the venue and local officials, who collapsed under the pressure and shut it down.

Denny can’t talk anymore. At this point, the only way he can host a show north of the Mason-Dixon line is to provide cryptic instructions to his fans on where to meet secretly, like a speakeasy. Otherwise, if it doesn’t, all Antifa has to do to end free speech is tweet, then weak leaders immediately capitulate.

Josh Denny isn’t the only artist targeted, and it’s not just comedians. This, of course, is part of a much larger campaign to end free speech in the United States, a country whose civic religion was free speech just a few years ago. This is a huge and ominous change. Anyone who tells you that you can’t say what you really believe is a totalitarian.


Don’t make a mistake. It’s not a matter of sensitivity. It’s about controlling you. It’s totalitarian. We’re going to start tonight with what happens to comedians because free society needs comedians. Comedy is how we tell the truth. The presence of comedians in a society makes people laugh very quickly at those responsible and it is not by chance that there is a lack of comedians. Only rote comedy is tolerated now and that’s another way of saying that no comedy is tolerated now. Elon Musk pointed this out a few months ago in an interview with the satirical site The Babylon Bee.

Many on the left are sounding the alarm over Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

ELON MUSK: And then you realize it’s like, wait a second, does the comedy hit a key truth or is there an element of propaganda or is it trying to push you in a particular direction or d achieve an essential truth that is humorous? And when it stops trying to get to an essential truth that’s humorous, then, you know, it’s just not that funny.

Well, after this interview Twitter, as if to prove it has no sense of humor, banned Babylon Bee. Their crime? They made fun of the administration’s fake trans admiral, this guy in a dress they call a woman. We all know what Elon Musk did next. He bought Twitter. In a moment, we’ll talk to the CEO of Babylon Bee about what Musk needs to do to restore free speech in this country.

What’s clear at this point is that after Elon Musk fired half of Twitter’s employees, Twitter got better. Why? Because they were the censors. And Twitter isn’t the only company whose many employees effectively work as censors to prevent your freedom to speak your mind.

Outside Netflix headquarters last year, protesters, some of whom were Netflix employees, gathered to demand the censorship of Dave Chappelle. Look at this.


PROTESTERS: What do we want? Responsibility! When do we want it? Now. What do we want? Responsibility. When do we want it? Now.

DEMONSTRATOR: It’s okay to laugh, but you’re starting a hateful conversation.

PROTESTERS: Trans Lives Matter! Trans lives matter!

DEMONSTRATOR: Why is he breaking my sign?

DEMONSTRATOR: He has a gun! He has a gun!

So what you had on Netflix is ​​what you had on Twitter too, and it’s the same phenomenon that’s canceling comedians all over the country. A small group of politically inflamed and highly motivated extremists who prevent the majority from speaking their minds. Another word for it is tyranny, and it’s everywhere.

One of the few people in Hollywood willing to stand up to that and speak his mind is Adam Carolla, a longtime comedian who kept it real and so funny and he made fun of people you just to see exactly what they are: humorous babies.


ADAM CAROLLA: I have to explain to the folks at Netflix, what’s interesting, another interesting dynamic is that your job isn’t that important and it doesn’t really change hearts and minds. I think people have this thing where it’s like Dave Chappelle is going to mobilize this group in our society, which never really seems to be mobilized, like his words, his words hurt and his words will cause X, Y and Z. No they are not. He’s an actor. He can say whatever he wants, then he gets paid, and you get paid and that’s called entertainment.

“He’s a comedian and he can say whatever he wants.” That’s no longer the rule in many places, but Adam Carolla still abides by that rule.