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Valérie Bertinelli just revealed her favorite costume from the Children’s Baking Championship

Last week, Valérie Bertinelli posted on Twitter detailing his “loves” in costume form for “Kids Baking Championship” and included a quick look at the glorified set. At the end of the post, Bertinelli says the costume incorporates all of his favorite things besides coffee: “Wolfie, the kittens, the books, just missing the coffee.” Valerie Bertinelli has made numerous public displays of love for her son Wolfgang, the latest being her support for his Emmy nomination for Best Rock Song earlier this year (via instagram). There’s no doubt that her love of “Wolfie” is at the top of her favorites list, but would you expect cats to be up there too?

Know that the popular TV host has another Instagram account just for her, cats and fans alike are always quick to leave positive feedback when her furry companions take center stage. Bertinelli clearly respects her own paternity and has a newfound love for herself that she didn’t have early in her career (via Forbes). This self-appreciation is accompanied by a refreshing and comforting lightness. Although a start date has yet to be given for “Kids Baking Championship” season 11, with a bubbly host readying costumes for the show, be on the lookout for the next release.