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What makes Birmingham one of America’s best foodie cities, according to celebrity chef

Andrew Zimmern visits Eagle’s restaurant in Birmingham during the filming of ‘Bizarre Foods America’. (Photo by Tamika Moore,/

Shauna Stuart |

It’s no secret that celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern loves Birmingham cuisine.

He’s been singing the city’s praises for almost 10 years since shooting an episode of Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Food” here in 2013.

Last March, Zimmern cast a personal spotlightt on several restaurants in Birmingham via its newsletter and blog, Spilled milk.

He has given rave reviews to a number of restaurants, including Eagle RestaurantMiss Myra’s Pit Bar-BQ, the Irondale Cafe, Saw’s Juke JointOvenbird and Automatic seafood and oysters.

Seven months later, Zimmern has more words of praise for Birmingham’s food scene.

Tasting table met Zimmern at this year’s Food Network New York City Wine and Food Festival.

When the publication asked the food critic for his opinion of the most exciting food city in the country, Birmingham was run down.

“America’s Best Food City Right Now…I love all the little exploding little ones. My hometown of Minneapolis is now one of them.

Whether it’s Birmingham, Alabama, or… People have known Portland, Maine forever, but look how many restaurants keep opening there. Portland, Oregon – I am amazed at small towns,” he told the publication.

“This is where the action is.”